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Fine Art Prints on Acrylic

I have never liked photo frames and all that involves. Mats, glass etc. I have always wanted to be able to just display photos by themselves. I had been interested in metal and other forms of direct display for some time. Acrylic has always been interesting but the process involved face mounting a print to acrylic and was very expensive. I recently found a lab in Montreal that prints directly onto acrylic at an affordable price and the results are stunning. I am currently displaying a gallery of Kaua’i images at my wife Amy’s hair salon in Koloa. Come by and see them at the Waiohai Hair Salon across the street from the post office in Koloa.

Neutral Density and HDR in the Middle of the Day

Photos from yesterday along the Poipu coast. Photographed around 2pm. I used a nine stop neutral density and polarizer filters. Images were then processed in Photomatix 5.  A little wilder HDR than I am used to but hey I’ve been feeling frisky lately.